Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hie Dearies!

How are YOU?

Hope you all are having a great time. After all, its the weekend in a few hours!

What are your plans? Well, I know I have a few projects... with the house hunting and fixing up the agreements for the new place, making checklists, planning out the interiors and all..

And, oh... how can I forget, my biggest project for the weekend is to upload the videos for my FIRST NEST for you all. The video needs to be shot and edited fluffed up with a mellow instrumental and all this in one single weekend.

I also need to go figure out the utility stores and everything around my area tomorrow or day after... Too much to do and too little time... Phew!

Wish me luck. I am most DEFINITELY going to need it.

But, in the meanwhile, you all have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Much love,

Doors of Delight


  1. Dear Doors of Delight....tell us more about what part of the world you live in? I'm curious that you don't sound American at all. Just a bit of info..not too much...will help us connect. hugs, Linda

  2. Hi Linda! You are right. I am not from America, but from yet another beautiful country of the world - India. I live in a city called "Bangalore". This place is also called the Garden City of India. It is a beautiful place. Thank you so much for asking. Love and Hugs.. Doors of Delight