Friday, February 25, 2011

It is the weekend :)

Hello All,

How has the weekend started for you all?

Was it raining there, or sunshine played hide and seek with you? Bangalore (the place where I come from) has stood witness to the second showers of the year last night.

Attribution: From Google - Wasnt carrying a camera this morning
How much I love the rain!!! Do you, too?

I think the rains almost whisper in my ears that it is time for spring to come down here. Maachi Pichu also seems so very excited. She swims around a lot more now in that tiny bowl.

Her Royal Highness - Maachi Pichu :)
Much love,

Doors of Delight

Saving this space

Hello All,

I am saving this space for the weekend project of filming the FIRST NEST and uploading it here..

So that the silly me does not forget all about it, this post will remind me of the video and the pictures I am supposed to upload here for you all next week :)

Till then..


Much love

Doors of Delight

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hie Dearies!

How are YOU?

Hope you all are having a great time. After all, its the weekend in a few hours!

What are your plans? Well, I know I have a few projects... with the house hunting and fixing up the agreements for the new place, making checklists, planning out the interiors and all..

And, oh... how can I forget, my biggest project for the weekend is to upload the videos for my FIRST NEST for you all. The video needs to be shot and edited fluffed up with a mellow instrumental and all this in one single weekend.

I also need to go figure out the utility stores and everything around my area tomorrow or day after... Too much to do and too little time... Phew!

Wish me luck. I am most DEFINITELY going to need it.

But, in the meanwhile, you all have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Much love,

Doors of Delight

Footprints Of My First Nest

It was time last year this time, 20th Feb to be precise when I decided to shift into MY first home after being with parents for the first fifteen years and then for the next (almost) ten years in boarding schools and hostels!

My dreams had slowly started to turn to reality.

I would look at those bay windows at others houses, the long, floor to ceiling windows, the fluttering lacy white curtains swaying to the garden's breeze outside and wonder when will I have this for myself.

But, since last year 20th Feb things started to change. In a small 1 bedroom-hall-kitchen my dreams started to unfold to reality. Gradually I started to pick furniture, each one, looked at and mused on, carefully thought of and brought into the house. Slowly the bare space within walls started to take the shape of a home. I loved playing around with it - shifting things from one place to another, buying things on whim only to make my space more and more beautiful with each morn of sunshine.

But, there was a bitter side to the past year as well. Very bitter. Last year gave me the undeniable pain that no medicine or antidote can reduce. I lost my mother last October. The tears don't stop nor does the pain reduce. The running around from one state to another was also not easy as I don't come from a very affluent family. I managed, somehow...bereft of friends, of a proper job, of basic human kindness, I managed. I will not go deep into these as to how or who or when, but I learnt a BIG lesson in life. In the end, everyone is on his own. And, rather than giving priority to anyone else over yourself, you must fulfil your own dreams first. After all, charity begins at home. The adage is true even when the picture gets bigger and especially when the stakes are higher.

After months now, I have come to an island of peace. Maybe its only for a while but I am determined to make the most of it. I decided to look out for better opportunities and now I have landed up in a job that I believe is quite promising in a competitive world.

Moving a notch higher, I am also looking for a bigger, more sunshine filled apartment in a better locality and last week I have been lucky to find one. I am so very excited about this new place. The bedroom's got a balcony and the kitchen area has enough space for me to convert it into a breakfast nook. I just hope the deal goes well. I want to rest for a while now.
Maachi Pichu will come along with me..
It has been a long year.

I will miss my first home. Yes! I will! So that the memories remain, photographs, and even videos will be uploaded of my this First Nest. I LOVE this place and I WILL FEEL BAD, VERY, VERY BAD to leave this place, but one needs to move on, make new memories.

So here's to new and memorable memories that are yet to be made!

Much love,

Doors of Delight

The First Day; The First Post

Today, the 24th of February, 2011 at 5 PM IST, I am making the first blog entry to the myriad and many more that are yet to come.

The blog posts will be about traversing the otherwise tabooed distance from my dreams to reality.

So, if you want a ride, pack your bags and hop on - this ride does not need a ticket :)

Welcome blog buds!

Much love,

Doors of Delight