Friday, February 25, 2011

It is the weekend :)

Hello All,

How has the weekend started for you all?

Was it raining there, or sunshine played hide and seek with you? Bangalore (the place where I come from) has stood witness to the second showers of the year last night.

Attribution: From Google - Wasnt carrying a camera this morning
How much I love the rain!!! Do you, too?

I think the rains almost whisper in my ears that it is time for spring to come down here. Maachi Pichu also seems so very excited. She swims around a lot more now in that tiny bowl.

Her Royal Highness - Maachi Pichu :)
Much love,

Doors of Delight

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  1. We had snow this weekend, it is gone now, but huge flakes and freezing temps! I live where there is a ton of rain, love it, but it gets a bit miserable after some time.